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David Charles Grainger

David Charles Grainger

Master Restorer

Host of Restoration Garage

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For many years I was a fine artist and during that time I restored old cars as a way to relax. Much to my surprise classic cars became far more than a hobby.

Over the last three decades I have become known internationally for my restoration of some of the greatest classic cars of all time.

Over time the artistic design inherent in automobiles led me to a fascination with design.

The immersion into the art of some of the greatest designers of the 20th century gave me an expansive appreciation for automotive design and style. It also peaked my interest in some of the other great design and artistic pursuits of the 20th century and earlier. This focused on the master watchmakers of Europe and jewelry and crafts designs of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods. It also stimulated a rabid interest in contemporary design.

I am an inveterate collector and have acquired some marvelous watches, jewelry and great craft pieces over the years.  I am constantly on a quest for new and exciting objects of art to feed that insatiable hunger.

Now it is my great pleasure to share with you my fascination and passion for great design by curating a host of significant items for sale, all personally selected and on offer.

Not all are expensive, not all are inexpensive, but all the items have one thing in common. They are the products of great designers and wonderful periods of style and elegance.

No matter if you collect for investment or to satisfy a passion for beautiful artifacts I will do my utmost to create collections for you to select from that will satisfy both demands.


This is my promise to you.



David Charles Grainger

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