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Oytser perpetual datejust 36 in oystersteel and yellow gold featuring a golden, fluted-motif dial and a jubilee bracelet with a custom red vignette watch face.


I love a lot of colour in things. That is probably due to my growing up in the 60s when colour exploded onto the public consciousness like never before; a couple of decades of being a fine artist also helped my appreciation for vivid color both in nature and in design.

This watch appeals to my appreciation of colour in design. It is a red vignette so the watch face actually does a colour shift from black to red depending on the angle of the light and that is fascinating. 

Adding to its appeal is the row of diamonds circling the face and the diamond hour markers.   This Rolex Datejust is quietly classy in yet stands heads above rather more sedate peers Datejusts. 
Like any other Datejust at 36mm it is absolutely suitable for either men or women to wear as is any Rolex 36mm Datejust. 

One of my recent favorites and a piece I have been very pleased to include in my collections.

David Charles Grainger

Rolex Perpetual Datejust 36 Custom Red Vignette

  • Length: 8" long

    Case to case: 4.6 mm

    Lug to lug: 5 mm

  • Weight: 101 grams

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