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I have never really understood arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. I know that walking face first into a spider’s web in a dark basement can be a little disconcerting, but I think not terribly dangerous to life and limb -- and even the largest spider on earth presents no real threat to humankind.


I have handled many spiders, and by that, I mean literally handled spiders like Mexican Red Leg Tarantulas, Haitian Bird Eaters and other giants. At one time, I had dozens of various species of tarantulas in my care.


When I was involved in wildlife art, I spent many hours stalking and photographing Wolf and Jumping Spiders as they stalked prey of their own. I will always remember one little chap, a white and black striped jumping spider that lived on the windowsill of a cabin in the woods I lived in for a couple of years.


We became so familiar that he would think nothing of climbing on my hand and preening. He was capable of amazing leaps, as many unfortunate flies discovered movements before their demise.

He was a far more skilled and capable predator in his microscopic world that any big cat on the plains of Africa, and I enjoyed watching him immensely.


The most amazing spiders are those that create webs. Spiderwebs are masterful structures that only last a single day. Each morning the spider has to start spinning a new web all over again. While they are horrendously dangerous if you are an insect, to humans spiderwebs engender a sense of beauty and wonder. There is little more beautiful than a perfect spider’s web sprinkled with dew and glistening in the early morning sun.


This necklace takes that beauty, and danger, and recreates it in sterling silver and gemstones.

It is breathtaking. The detail in both the web and the main characters, a spider finishing off an unfortunate locust, are front and center, and amazing in their detail.


Accompanying the two main characters are 26 smaller spiders, each of which has jewels set in its abdomen, as does the largest spider.


This creation of this necklace was fraught with its own dangers. If not executed with the highest levels of skill and artistry it could have ended up being nothing more than a curiosity worthy of very little note.


That is not the case. The silver work in this piece is superb, and frankly it is one of the most interesting, skillful and mesmeric pieces of jewelry I have ever chanced upon. It is also fun.


When you see this amazing necklace, I am sure you will share this view, even if you are a little arachnophobic.



David Charles Grainger

Sterling Silver Ruby and Marcasite Spider and Web Bib Necklace

SKU: 0091
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
    Necklace Length: 16.00"
    Necklace Closure Type: Fold Over
    Hallmarks: 925
    Total Weight: 98.30 grams

  • Primary Stone Type: Ruby, Marcasite
    Primary Stone Gemologist Note: Rubies are Surface Reaching Inclusions

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