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Romain Jerome Ltd Edition (22/25) Camouflaged Steam Punk


Item Details:

Brand: Romain Jerome

Type: Wristwatch

Model Name: Steam Punk Ltd. Edition

Reference #: RJTAUSP00901

Production: 22/25

Lug to Lug (mm): 50mm

Case to Case (mm): 46mm

Bezel Material: Stabilized Rusted Steel

Case Material: Stainless Steel

Movement: Automatic

Strap: Leather


Romain Jerome is one of those interesting watch companies that are truly innovative in an industry more noted for its steadfastness than experimentation. Let us face it, Rolex alters a case size by one millimeter and the whole industry is set on its ear.


 I understand that but I am also partial to innovative design in watches, especially if it is as interesting as a million dollar Richard Mille, but is not a million dollars. Liking both is rather like appreciating both classic cars and hot rods, there is room in my brain at least, for both.


Romain Jerome was all that and my first acquisition of theirs was the RJ Titanic DNA Ltd edition. It is a mesmerizing watch, not just because of its innovative design but also because you are actually wearing a piece of the Titanic on your wrist when you wear one.


The second Romain Jerome that I have bought is a recent acquisition and it is very unusual. It is part of their Steam Punk limited edition line and I think the only one where the camouflaged watchband design runs through the watch face.


It is a large watch but sits on the wrist comfortably and is quite striking. It also has a very high degree of finish and the watch face is a work of art. The Romain Jerome Company sadly went out of business a while ago, a true testament to innovation in the industry, but their legacy is truly amazing and I seriously think that these watches will go nowhere but up over the years as collectors truly understand the importance of some of their concepts.


Mind you, before that happens watch enthusiasts have the opportunity to acquire, enjoy and celebrate some of the coolest watches ever made.


David Grainger


Romain Jerome Ltd Edition (22/25) Camouflaged Steam Punk

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