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Romain Jerome Titanic DNA 18 Karat Rose Gold 37 of 500


Manufacturer: Romain Jerome
Collection: Titanic DNA
Model Number: T.OXY4.2222.M.00

Production: #37 of 500
Size: Mens
Bezel: Stabilized Titanic ultimate rusted
Dial Color: Deep black color obtained with coal recovered from the Titanic, with hour and minute hands inspired by Titanic's anchor
Band Material: Black rubber
Case Diameter: 46mm
Movement: Automatic
Caseback: Titanic engraving
Bezel: Stabilized Titanic Ultimate Rusted


Other Features: Caliber, C22RJ51- Concepto by Jacquet. Limited Edition, 500 pieces. Jewels, 23 rubies. Rate frequency, 28800 vph. Power reserve, 42 hours. Bezel, Stabilized Titanic ultimate rusted. Flank, 5N satin-finished 18 karat rose gold. Paws, 5N sand-blasted 18 karat rose gold with titanium screws. Lug, 5N sand-blasted 18 karat rose gold. Lug insert, 5N satin-finished 18 karat rose gold. Crown, 5N 18 karat rose gold with black rubber. Water resistance, 5 atm. Strap, black rubber with 5N satin-finished 18 karat rose gold folding clasp



All watches come with a one year warranty. in-house warranty does not cover water or moisture damage. It also does not cover any physical damage to the watch including, but not limited to: watch bezel, straps, screws, crown/ stem, finishes, clasps/ buckles, watch case, crystal, watch band/ bracelet, any lost or missing stones/ gems on the watch/ watch face. In-house warranty will be voided if the watch is serviced by another party. The warranty start date will be from the day received. 


As I write this, it is the 109th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Of course. Like us all, I have known about this tragedy since I was a young child at day camp singing the campfire song about the sinking of Titanic.


This ship, just one amongst thousands of sunken ships gripped public imagination since the moment of that tragic event on the night of April 14 1912.


There have been multiple movies made of that fateful night and James Cameron led the first expedition to visit the wreck once it had been discovered in its resting place under 12, 600 feet of icy water over 350 miles from the coast of Newfoundland.


Despite its fame very few people on earth have had any kind of physical contact with the ship and even fewer have actually touched objects from it.

This is what makes this watch so extraordinary.


The makers of this watch, the Swiss company Romaine Jerome, sourced a small amount of steel recovered from the wreck along with pieces of coal from her bunkers. Utilizing this and steel from the Clyde shipyards of Harland and Wolff who built her they created this amazing limited edition timepiece.


The cast bezel is composed of an amalgam of the shipyard steel and original steel from Titanic. This was specially treated to create an attractive oxidized surface resistant to wear and further oxidization.

Interestingly the watch face itself is composed of the coal from the bunker, which is also very imaginative.


Of course, the rest of the watch is composed of materials of the highest order including titanium and rose gold as befits a creation of this stature.

The photographs show the detail and appeal of the watch which is, as you can see on the back plate, number 37 of 500 pieces.


I love watches and have far too many too be considered reasonable but this one is very special. It is the only watch I have ever come across that is actually its own artifact and when you look at it you realize that there is something very, very special about having the honour of owning and wearing something that is so culturally familiar but physically distant and remote.



David Grainger

Romain Jerome Titanic DNA 18 Karat Rose Gold 37 of 500

SKU: 00138
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