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Rolex Yacht Master II 18K Gold 


Brand: Rolex

Type: Wristwatch

Model Name: Yacht-Master II

Reference #: 116688

Lug to Lug (mm): 51

Case Diameter  (mm): 44

Bezel Material: Ceramic

Case Material: Yellow Gold

Movement: Automatic 4161

Weight: 249.2g

Bracelet: 18k Yellow Gold Oyster w/ Oysterlock clasp


I have a few favourite Rolex watches with the Bluesey Submariner and the James Cameron Deep Sea, Sea Dweller being near the top of the list but my most favourite Rolex of all is the Yachtmaster II.


While the premise of the watch is for the great unwashed like myself, a little silly with its specialized Yacht race ten-minute start complication being pretty much its only complication, it is a truly beautiful and comment worthy design.


I am a sucker for blue bezels and the Yachtmaster II has a beautiful blue bezel with a pure white face. The interesting thing about that is that it is the only Rolex bezel that actually interacts with the watche’s complication and the bezels movement is instrumental in preparing the watch to time the beginning of the race.


This particular watch not only shares those attributes with all other Yachtmaster IIs but it is also pure 18 Kt gold. The only drawback to that is extraordinarily heavy in yet still quite comfortable on the wrist.


I already have a stainless and gold at home but the chance to acquire this watch was too much to ignore so here it is offered on the site.

I guarantee that the purchase of this watch, which is pricey, no doubt, will not be a purchase you will ever regret and one that is likely to appreciate in value over the years.



David Grainger

Rolex Yacht-Master II 18K Gold

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