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Rolex Submariner Date in 18K Gold and Steel.

Selling this watch is going to be difficult. I did purchase it to resell, but then stupidly, I put it on. It fit perfectly and well, it is a Rolex Submariner so I should not have put it on. It was immediate love verging on lust.

I learned a long time ago not to drive a car that I have purchased to resell. I still break that rule far too often, which is how I have ended up with over twenty cars.

Janice, my wife, who is pretty laid back and honestly exists in a wonderful world of her own even noticed the Rolex, making the rather unusual comment “I like that watch, it’s really classy.” I have many watches so for her to notice says a lot about it.

It is used (should I say pre owned?) but is in remarkable condition so someone loved it and cared for it.

I purchased it from a reputable source who had it appraised and inspected for authenticity so there will be no nasty surprises when you get it serviced eventually.

It’s keeping time perfectly, which I guess is really a no-brainer because it’s a Rolex.

David Charles Grainger

Rolex Submariner Date 18k Gold

  • Reference Number: 116613LN

    Model: Submariner Date

    Movement: Automatic

    Case Material: Steel

    Bracelet Material: Gold/Steel

    Year of Production: 2000

    Condition: Good (Little to no signs of wear)

    Scope of delivery: No original box, no original papers

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