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Rolex GMT - Master "Pepsi" Bezel Stainless Steel Automatic Wristwatch, Vintage


I have always liked the Rolex watches with red and blue bezel, but to be honest I had never paid much attention to Rolex watches. The reason was that as a pilot, Breitling had won my heart. That and they used to give me a free hat every year at a big cocktail party I used to frequent.


When I started becoming more fascinated with watches, I have to admit that Rolex was not my first preoccupation. In fact, I really liked the ornate watches by Patek, Hublot and especially Ulysees Nardin.


Over time however I have developed and appreciation for all things Rolex and I have too many of them to be honest.


I really like, as do most people, the special sport watches like the Submariner, Yachtmaster and GMT. My favourite GMTs are undoubtedly the Pepsi, sensibly nicknamed for its two-tone bezel.


This particular watch is a great representative of the breed and in lovely condition. When purchased it had come with a really cheesy dirty gray Nato watch band which I took off immediately and got rid of. That left me with an unwearable watch so the hunt began for an appropriate bracelet.


After finding many online but not particularly trusting sellers in Argentina and Kazakhstan to send me a real bracelet, I visited the nearest Rolex dealer. Understandably, they refused to sell me a bracelet until examining the watch to make sure it wasn’t a counterfeit.


On finding it was an entirely a Rolex Rolex, they agreed to order me an appropriate watchband and that was that. Later, having spent enough money on the bracelet to open a Citizen watch dealership, I finally had a wearable watch.


Then I faced a troubling decision. It was a choice between two Pepsis. So, decision made, I am offering it for sale. If I did not already have a GMT II Pepsi there is no way it would ever leave my watch box except on my wrist.



David Charles Grainger

Rolex GMT - Master "Pepsi" Bezel Stainless Steel Automatic Wristwatch, Vintage

  • Brand: Rolex
    Style: Vintage
    Type: Wristwatch
    Model Name: GMT - Master
    Model Number: 16700
    Bezel Material: Stainless Steel
    Case Material: Stainless Steel
    Caseback Material: Stainless Steel
    Movement: Rolex Cal.3175, Quick Set Date, 31 Jewels
    Estimated Production Year: 1990
    Markings to Inside: Montres Rolex SA. Geneva Switzerland, Patented, Stainless Steel, 16700
    Functions: Bidirectional, Date Window, Screw Lock Crown
    Clasp Style: Buckle
    Bracelet/Fob Material: Stainless Steel
    Bracelet/Fob Style: Osyter
    Bracelet/Fob Length: 

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