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One gent's stainless steel Rolex Date Oyster Perpetual wristwatch. With a gray dial and date. It has been modified with round brilliant cut diamonds set throughout the bezel, lugs, sides and jubilee band measuring (approx. by gauge) 1.00mm-3.00mm, and weighting (approx) 18.50cts in total.
Clarity: VS2-SI2
Colour: H-J
Cut: Medium/Good
With a hidden clasp and numbered #72200


I don’t live the kind of lifestyle that would be kind to a fully iced out watch. I have an unfortunate habit of forgetting that I am wearing a valuable watch and merrily run off to feed the horses, clean up manure or do farm type maintenance or open the hood of a vintage car or aircraft and dive in.


None of these things are conducive to keeping a timepiece in its best possible condition. One would have to think that triply true of a watch coated in expensive diamonds.


It doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a well done fully iced watch however I know that you either hate or love these watches. To be quite honest, two years ago I was in the hate category. I changed sides when I saw in person how strikingly beautiful a paved watch can be.


The first one I purchased was an attractive Cartier Santos Galbee XL and this Rolex is the second.

The Cartier is striking, this Rolex s a quantum leap above that. The diamonds are all of very good quality and the row around the bezel are quite large. All in all this watch has in excess of 18k of diamonds set on the watchcase, bezel and band. It absolutely glows and sparkles with a rainbow of light reflections.


While I have been a character on television for a few years, I don’t attend award ceremonies, red carpet affairs or all night soirees so my usage of a watch like this would be restricted to the occasional drive to Dairy Queen to get a soft cone.


Others perhaps have lifestyles more in keeping with a magnificent artifact like this so have at it.


It had a full appraisal by a fully certified and well-respected appraiser, which values it at 45 thousand dollars. In the appraisal, he made note that it was missing four diamonds so as soon as I picked it up I delivered it to my gold smith and had four missing diamonds replaced. It is now back up to a full complement and currently available for purchase.


David C. Grainger

Rolex Date Oyster Perpetual Paved 1601 with Wimbledon Grey Dial

SKU: 00156
$36,400.00 Regular Price
$29,120.00Sale Price
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