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Rolex Cellini 18K Gold Stem Wind Wristwatch


A luxury timepiece with a tank-style 18K yellow gold bezel that frames a navy blue dial with Rolex hallmark crown and gold-tone baton-style hands.

This elegant watch also features an 18K yellow gold case back and is displayed on a tapered leather bracelet with a 14K yellow gold buckle clasp.


I really enjoy sport watches, and the more complications, the better. It always seems such a good idea to wrap an oyster or jubilee band around your wrist first thing in the morning and for the most part it is.


Having said that, I have to admit there is the odd time when I am wearing a Hublot Big Bang, Rolex Submariner or Breitling Bentley that I wish they were a bit smaller, perhaps a touch more elegant, less look at me, look at me.


Well apparently, Rolex thought the same thing, quite some time ago. While an Oyster Date might be great for the office, a night at the opera is a very different thing.


In a departure from the professional and sport watches that were the Rolex mainstay, they decided to create a smaller, more elegant line of dress watches.


The Cellini line of watches appeared in the 1960s, named after famed Italian goldsmith Benvenuto Cellini.


In the 1970s Rolex experimented with angular designs, a huge departure from its usual round cases and work-a-day faces.


During this period this particular watch appeared -- probably in 1972 or 73 -- and it is everything a Rolex should be, and a few touches more.


Of course, it has the devout attention to detail and precision that is the Rolex hallmark, but it has something very definitely more interesting and sublime. It is a true 18 Kt gold masterpiece of simple design. Added are small accents that create an air of elegance few other watchmakers achieve.

If Rolex was trying to produce a fitting tribute to Benvenuto, then with this watch they did him proud.


Yes, it is a far more subtle example of achievement than your standard Rolex, but sometimes subtle is all you need.


An added benefit is that in today’s market this wonderful timepiece is still large enough for a man to wear and small enough to add to any ladies evening ensemble without being ostentatious.

This is truly one of my favourite Rolex, and my most favourite Cellini design.




David Charles Grainger

Rolex Cellini 18K Yellow Gold

  • Model Number: 4016

    Bezel Material: 18K Yellow Gold

    Case Material: 18K Yellow Gold

    Caseback Material: 18K Yellow Gold

    Movement: 1601 Stem Wind, 19 Jewels

    Markings to Inside: 7, 377, 4016, Montres Rolex S.A. Geneva Switzerland, 18K 0,750 with Helvetica Head, & # 121 Inside Hammer Head Trade Marks. 

    Weight: 35.30g

    Lug to lug: 32 mm

    Case to case: 25 mm

  • Clasp Style: Buckle

    Bracelet/Fob Material: Leather, 14K Yellow Gold

    Bracelet/Fob Style: Strap

    Bracelet/Fob Length: 9.00"

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