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Omega Seamaster. Orange Leather Band VINTAGE


I have a real fondness for vintage watches. There is a simplicity to them that appeals to me.  They were instruments for telling the time, not telling you how many minutes it is until the yacht race klaxon sounds or computing your fuel burn estimates in your Embraer.


This little Omega Seamaster is a wonderful example of an even more wonderful period in watch-making, when dive watches were in their infancy and being waterproof was a pretty big thing. 


It has all the appeal of modern watches, but it was created with a pride and craftsmanship predating the modern corporate monsters that continually increase the price of timepieces so their advertising departments can batter each other into economic submission at sporting events around the world.


Its condition is just mellow enough to illustrate that it is a vintage timepiece, while looking so lightly used as to appear almost off the shelf just a couple of years ago, not off the shelf in the 1960s.


This watch has had a comprehensive servicing and is a fine example of a collector’s piece that can be worn every day with great pride. 




David Charles Grainger



All watches come with a one year warranty. In-house warranty does not cover water or moisture damage. It also does not cover any physical damage to the watch including, but not limited to: watch bezel, straps, screws, crown/ stem, finishes, clasps/ buckles, watch case, crystal, watch band/ bracelet, any lost or missing stones/ gems on the watch/ watch face. In-house warranty will be voided if the watch is serviced by another party. The warranty start date will be from the day received. 

Omega Seamaster Leather Band

$2,400.00 Regular Price
$1,920.00Sale Price
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