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Omega Seamaster 300m Chonograph

Many years ago, I was a commercial diver. At first, it seemed a glorious occupation, but reality rarely measures up to fantasy, or TV for that matter. In fairly short order I realized that, while well paid, I was a construction worker chipping concrete, cleaning grills, patching holes in boats, always being cold, and often flirting with death.

Time down was a critical component of each dive, and a reliable timepiece was critical to survival.

I never had an Omega then. The watch I did have was not anything as elegant or functional as this one, and there were times that I wished for one of these.

For anyone who dives, you cannot do much better than this Omega.  Even if your idea of diving is a dip in the shallow end of your pool, this watch makes an outstanding everyday companion. Superb styling, dramatic appearance and absolute Swiss precision is understood, because it’s an Omega.

You may never need the helium bleed-off valve on the side of the watch, never intend to ascend from hundreds of meters below the surface of the sea, but knowing you can, even if you are visiting the world of Walter Mitty, is still pretty cool.

Cheers, David Grainger

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Omega Seamaster Diver 300m Chrono Diver

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