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Vintage Omega De Ville Gold Tone Stem Wind circa 1969.

When I first started my lifelong affair with automobiles, I loved noisy, fire-snorting, gaudy striped muscle cars. The longer I have been in the business, the quieter my tastes’ have become, so know that while I may give a 69 Hemi Cuda a quick glance, I will still speed up through traffic to have a good look at a Bentley Continental GT.

My taste in watches has followed similar lines. I still love some of the extravagant modern watches and do wear some that are almost the size of old pocket watches but, like a muscle car, these can be fairly inconvenient to wear, especially with a well-fitting designer shirt.

This is why I have developed a very soft spot for watches like this vintage Omega. First, it’s an Omega with all that entails as far as quality and collectability, but foremost, it is slim and elegant and simple.

Sometimes simple design and elegant design is all that is required.

Here is a watch that has great cachet yet still fits under a buttoned cuff.

Of course, its price is very low in the modern world of collector watches and certainly for a lovely representative of Omega watchmaking.




David Charles Grainger

Omega De Ville 1969 Gold Tone Stem Wind

  • Model Number: 111.0077

    Movement: Manual, Omega Cal.620, 17 Jewels

    Esitmated Production Year: 1969

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