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Mechanical Mathey Tissot Wristwatch


Swiss, high quality with seconds complication.


The Mathey Tissot Company was founded by Edmond Mathey Tissot in the late 1800s with the aim of creating very high quality watches for the European market. The company was founded in Les Pont de Martel, Neuchatel, Switzerland. It is not related to the Tissot Company. 


This wonderful 14 KT 1948 gentleman's watch is in superb condition and shows only the slightest of wear on the back of the watch band where the black is worn a little on either side of the watch case. There is a tiny chip along the side of the arched crystal, but the 14 KT case is in immaculate condition for a beautiful vintage piece


The watch face has a small amount of flaking of the original white finish but nothing noticeable or that detracts from its appearance or charm.  It has certainly aged better than me.




David Charles Grainger




All watches come with a one year warranty. In-house warranty does not cover water or moisture damage. It also does not cover any physical damage to the watch including, but not limited to: watch bezel, straps, screws, crown/ stem, finishes, clasps/ buckles, watch case, crystal, watch band/ bracelet, any lost or missing stones/ gems on the watch/ watch face. In-house warranty will be voided if the watch is serviced by another party. The warranty start date will be from the day received. 

Mathey Tissot Mechanical Wristwatch

$2,400.00 Regular Price
$1,920.00Sale Price
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