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Lunch at the Ritz Rhinestone and Enamel Angelfish Earrings


Lunch at the Ritz. My first reaction to this phrase was, yes, I had lunch at the Ritz in London and it stood out spectacularly. Not perhaps for the reasons you may surmise. The reason my lunch at the Ritz stood out was when lunch finally arrived after a substantial wait, it was the smallest amount of food I have ever been offered for lunch, on the largest plate I have ever seen. If we had been attacked by Etruscans, I would have been in fine fettle with a full-sized shield readily at hand.


It was almost as if they were rubbing in how damned stupid you are for paying 400 pounds for a lunch that leaves you with not much other that a weird aftertaste in your mouth while still feeling like you are starving to death.


That said, this Lunch at the Ritz offering by designer Zander Elliot is the complete reverse. These whimsical fish earrings are extraordinarily large and absolutely delightful.


While they are skillfully wrought and highly entertaining, they are not composed of gemstones and gold. Instead they are foil-back rhinestones and enamel and irrepressibly costume, making them quite affordable and enjoyable.


There is no real merit in continuing to describe something that needs to be seen in all their intricacy, so enjoy the photographs.


My recommendation: skip lunch at the Ritz in London, but certainly go for Lunch at the Ritz by Zander Elliot.



David Charles Grainger

Lunch at the Ritz Rhinestone and Enamel Angelfish Earrings

  • Brand/Designer: Lunch at the Ritz
    Materials: Metal
    Earring Type: Non-Pierced, Dangle
    Earring Closure Type: Clip-On
    Hallmarks: Lunch at the Ritz ©

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