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I can’t believe the jewel smiths that weave fine gold thread into monumental pieces of jewelry. It is no doubt a painstaking and exhaustive process, and I can imagine how annoying it must be when the thread breaks. I am sure they must have a way of reuniting the threads, but I have no idea how.


This is a perfect example of the art. It is substantial and heavy in 18K gold weight and not at all fragile now, but the making of it must have been a delicate and fascinating process. The Italians seem to have mastered this art, and one day I should really like to visit a goldsmith and see them creating something as beautiful as this necklace.



David Charles Grainger





Style: Italian
Materials: 18K Gold
Chain Type: Woven
Necklace Length: 17.00"
Necklace Closure Type: Box Tab Insert
Hallmarks: ITALY 5750S
Total Weight: 87.30 grams

Italian 18K Woven Necklace

SKU: 00128
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