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Eunice by Simon Monteneve, Art Nouveau


Height: 21 inches / 51 cm

Art Nouveau bust of Eunice by Simon Monteneve, probably commissioned for Goldscheider in Paris who did produce it in limited numbers in the early 20th century, probably around 1904.


This bust is much finer in detail than the production pieces, and the headband is different and not as clumsy. It APPEARS as a Terracotta with polychromatic paint over plaster.


In researching this piece, I found that the pieces from Goldscheider are larger, clumsier in their detail, and Monteneve’s name is misspelled as Montonouve in the casting. That is interesting in its own right.


There is a casting number (2141) on the back but no Goldschieder markings or signature.

The name Eunice is found on the front of the bust.


It is the likeness of a young Italian girl from Florence. She was the subject of several Monteneve works.


Judging by the fine detail it could be an artist’s casting proof, and as stated it looks like a Terracotta in its colouring; however it is plaster.


It is immaculate in its condition aside from two small blemishes on the bust’s shoulderblades, that may have resulted from having laid it down at some point, probably during shipping.


These spots are a centimeter or so across and really do not detract from the bust at all.



David Charles Grainger

Eunice by Simon Monteneve, Art Nouveau

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