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DeGrisogono Instrumentino 18K Gold Automatic Wristwatch


As soon as I saw this watch, I knew it had to be acquired.


Never mind that the name needs a bit of practice to roll off the tongue. Once you have mastered the name you will feel downright Italian telling people what it is and I assure you, that will occur with great regularity.


I like Italian inspired design and I am a connoisseur of car design houses like Pinninfarina and Zagato. Apparently, this fascination doesn’t end with automobile designs. I find this watch is dramatic as well as being eye candy (yes, a hackneyed expression no doubt, but it does apply here.).


Let’s face it, with such a small canvas it is difficult for any watchmaker to render something that is fresh and exciting to look at, but this is that.


While DeGrisogono is a Swiss jeweler, there is no hiding the Italian influence of their creations.

Now apparently the company has run into hard times and declared bankruptcy -- not for a failing of profits but instead, because of international intrigue and shenanigans involving its owners and their misuse of funds from African countries and the repurposing of bank funds. This story is worth a trip down the rabbit hole and makes the creations of the De Grisogono company just that bit more interesting.


This DeGrisogono Instrumentino is a superb design and very rare as well. I can bet that you will never run into another one at the country club or on an evening out. You really can’t say that about your Datejust, can you?



David Grainger

DeGrisogono Instrumentino 18K Gold Automatic Wristwatch

SKU: 00115
$14,200.00 Regular Price
$11,360.00Sale Price
  • Brand: DeGrisogono
    Type: Wristwatch
    Model Name: Instrumentino
    Bezel Material: 18K Gold
    Case Material: 18K Gold
    Caseback Material: 18K Gold
    Movement: ETA Cal. 2004-1, 20 Jewels
    Clasp Style: Deployment
    Bracelet/Fob Material: Leather, 18K Gold
    Bracelet/Fob Style: Band
    Bracelet/Fob Length: 5.50"

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