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I remember vividly the day I purchased this amazing original condition watch, box and papers.


Janice and I were driving to Ottawa, Canada, a five hour drive from our home to pick up the newest addition to our family. That addition was Briar, a four-year-old Great Dane in need of a home. That trip coincided with an auction I was attending virtually, so there may have been a little distracted driving.


I won the Baume and Mercier and it was a great win because the watch is outstanding, much better than I believed when I purchased it online.


Baume and Mercier. That is a name that true watch aficionados know, perhaps little known to the Rolex crowd but certainly one familiar to devotees of high Swiss horological craftsmanship.


Baume and Mercier was established in 1830 and is still extant today.


This 18 Kt gold Baume and Mercier tank cased watch is a true find. It is unrestored and in fact really does not need restoring. In fact, when I showed it to a celebrated watchmaker who is a friend of mine he made a point to tell me, more than once, to leave it exactly as it is. I understand that perfectly as I have been involved with Classic and Antique cars for decades, and a great survivor is only that once. The moment you begin a restoration the subject loses a very important part of itself, its visible provenance. After all, you can restore something repeatedly, but it is only truly original once.


This watch is just that.


If that were not enough, it also comes with its original presentation case, original papers, a service record from Baume and Mercier in the mid 2000s and its original cardboard box. These are also all in tiptop condition.


It was originally a gentleman’s watch but it is small enough to be worn by ladies without being ostentatious as well as still being eminently suitable to be worn by discriminating gentlemen beneath the buttoned sleeve of their dress shirts.




David Charles Grainger



Serial Number: 37045
Model Number: 355946

Condition: Consistent with age and use (please refer to pictures)

Baume & Mercier

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