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1939 Rolex, Movement Cal 59


I was quite excited when I opened the shipping box and got my first look at this watch box and watch within.


I like vintage Rolex. Unlike many of the watches of the prewar period, Rolex had already rather established itself as a working watch rather than a luxury item and were already making the claim about being the world’s most accurate wristwatch.


This watch is rather exceptional as it is not an oyster perpetual. It has a friction fit case back and a non-screw in crown. Probably a lesser watch in its day but certainly incredibly rare now.


It is mechanical with a seconds dial and as far as I can tell a Calibre 59 movement.Dating it is easy as it is marketed inside the case back as presented by the boys of Chatham and presented in 1940 so figure it was most likely manufactured in 1939.


Almost as exciting as a vintage watch in this condition is the original watch box it came in. It is the very rare red velvet heat shaped box with a gold sticker inside proclaiming Rolex to be the most accurate watches in the world.


All great stuff and in wonderful condition. The band is a good quality smooth leather but it is a new replacement band, the original being lost to the sea of time.


This is a marvelous addition to any collection with the side benefit of being in great shape and absolutely wearable on a daily basis.



David Charles Grainger

1934 Vintage Rolex Wristwatch

  • 17 jewels gold-filled case with aftermarket fold-filled strap.  With its original velvet Rolex case, inscribed inside the cover “Presented by the Boys of Chathan Shop, October 1940”.  Keystone Victory Gold-filled Case #4103083.  Case and works are correct, dial has been refinished a long time ago.  Working condition.
    Weight: 34 g
    Case to case: 4 mm
    Lug to lug: 4.5 mm
    Total Length: 8.9 inches

  • Weight: 34 g
    Case to case: 4 mm
    Lug to lug: 4.5 mm
    Total Length: 8.9 inches

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