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I know few people actually use pocket watches currently. In fact, let's face it, fewer and fewer even wear wristwatches, other than as a point of status.


That is a great shame, because that means that when you own this superb 18 Kt gold ladies pocket watch, you will likely be keeping it to yourself, aside for when friends visit and you want to show them a spectacular handmade work of art.


The watch dates back to on or around 1843 or 1844 and was made by Joseph Barling in Maidstone, England. It looks like he made it last week.


It is a key-wound watch with a beautiful operating movement and keeps incredibly good time.


There is no damage to the case and the crystal is free of clouding or scratches.

There are a couple of tiny scratches on the inner movement cover, likely caused by opening it to look at the movement itself. These will likely disappear with a little jeweler's rouge.


1.5 Inches. 43 grams.

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18KT Gold Maidstone Watch by Joseph Barling, 19th Century

$3,600.00 Regular Price
$2,880.00Sale Price
  • Between 1843 - 1884

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