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18K Sapphire and 9.17 CTW Diamond Fringe Necklace


I came across two sapphire necklaces during the same week, which was a bit unusual. I am no gemologist but in both cases I was absolutely drawn to them as both beautiful and masterful creations.


I have always liked sapphires, but spent most of my life believing that they were just brilliant blue stones. It was a very pleasant surprise to discover that they come in myriad different colours ranging from pink to yellow and even green. Another surprise as I studied more and more about gemstones was that rubies were actually just deep red sapphires, and at a certain point when a ruby’s intensity falls below a certain threshold it become a sapphire.  But honestly, there is no shame in that. In my opinion, pink sapphires often outshine their deeper-coloured brethren.


This necklace is a great example of that, it is a wondrous assembly of incredible pink teardrop sapphires that ring the entire necklace.  The cut is such that they flash and sparkle in the most amazing fashion.


Because I am not a gemologist I did have the necklace appraised by a noted professional and it turns out my instincts were right, it is a spectacular piece of great worth, both aesthetically and monetarily.

18K Sapphire and 9.17 CTW Diamond Fringe Necklace

$26,000.00 Regular Price
$20,800.00Sale Price
  • Materials: 18K Gold
    Necklace Length: 15.50"
    Necklace Closure Type: Box Tab Insert
    Hallmarks: S. 18.81 D9.17 750
    Total Weight: 34.20 grams

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