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Nisus wristwatch in 18K White Gold with diamonds.


Custom made band is also 18K White Gold.

This 18k White Gold watch is certainly vintage and quite likely late 1930s although to be honest it could have been produced a little later, possibly up to the fifties.

The watch case and band are integrated in one and are made from 18k and the movement is by Fabrique d”Horologie/ Dreyfus freres SA. Of Pery Switzerland. The watch is signed with the Nisus brand.

Fabrique d”Horologie was founded in 1903 and the Nisus signature first appeared in 1931.
The case and band are set with a string of diamonds and the sculpture of the entire watch is dramatic.

The intricately sculpted white gold catches the light and scintillates on the wrist in a most satisfying manner. Wonderful artisanship and a very unusual design makes this a one off piece a one off acquisition. 

While I am sure it has spent most of its life in a safety deposit box it really needs to be worn and appreciated. 

David Charles Grainger

18K Nisus White Gold w/ Diamonds Wristwatch

  • Length: 7" long.

  • Weight without movement: 32.95 grams

    Total weight: 36 grams

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