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18K Hinged Bangle with Florentine Finish


I have to admit I like buying things made from gold. Gold gives one a sense of security in a contemporary world where the value of currencies is volatile and there is no guarantees that the buck you put in your pocket today is going to be worth a buck tomorrow.


Mind you, I’m not talking about little square bits of gold bullion, which are fine but have no purpose other than their value.


No, the gold I like comes in the form of jewelry, both modern and vintage.  And the reason is that good jewelry created from 18 k or 22k may not be as pure as an ingot, but it has a property far greater.


It bears witness to the skill of the artisan who forged it, beat it and finally seduced it into being far more than a block of precious metal. Instead, it is transformed into an expression of the highest form of pure art.


This vintage bangle is just such a piece. It is large and at first seemingly quite simple, but on second look it exhibits its Florentine finish -- a time consuming process meticulously and beautifully executed.


This is one of those pieces that crosses the divide between daytime and evening, and would be quite comfortable in either, complimenting both daily business wear or glittering evening attire.


The plus is that no matter what happens in the world at large, it will always be precious.




David Charles Grainger

18K Hinged Bangle with Florentine Finish

$10,250.00 Regular Price
$8,200.00Sale Price
  • Material: 18K Gold
    Bracelet Length: 7.00"
    Bracelet Closure Type: Box Tab Insert
    Total Weights: 66.50 grams

  • Bracelet Width: 12.50 mm

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