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Marvin Hime & Co., Beverly Hills Box
Brand: Bueche Girod
Type: Wristwatch
Bezel Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Case Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Caseback Material: 18K Yellow Gold
Movement: Signed Bueche - Girod
Markings to Inside: 18K 0.750
Clasp Style: Deployment
Case to Case (mm): 24
Lug to Lug (mm): 29
Total Length: 6.50”
Bracelet/Fob Material: 18K Yellow Gold, Leather
Bracelet/Fob Style: Band
Total Weight (grams): 39.5

Bueche Girod watches were manufactured post WW2 and reached a pinnacle of success in the late 60s and early 70s when they became very popular in the US and most especially in Hollywood.

For their time they were extravagant and very expensive. For this reason, they appeared on the wrists of many Hollywood stars and have been noted by enthusiasts in several movies of the period.

This men’s tank shaped Bueche Girod features a hobnail design on both the face and case wrought from 18k gold that is specifically designed to catch light and sparkle when worn.

Great watch and in an original jeweler box from Marvin Hime and Co. a famous jeweler in, of course, Beverly Hills.

The watch, watchstrap and box are in extraordinary condition showing little sign of use, a rare condition considering its vintage.

Of course, in this day and age a watch of this size is just as comfortable on a ladies wrist as a man’s. It does not matter who wears it, it still will resonate with the same quiet extravagance it was noted for in the 70s.


David Charles Grainger

18K Bueche Girod Hobnail Design French Wristwatch

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