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18k 4.35 CTW Diamond Graduated Drape Necklace


Jewelry is as much an expression of art and sculpture as anything found in art galleries or museums.


As with all artistic endeavors, there is good and bad design, even with jewelry fashioned from the finest materials.


I have sorted through large volumes of fine jewelry and I purchase a fair bit, but every now and then something just rears up and demands attention, and this is one of those.


A lot of expensive jewelry tends to be fussy and overcomplicated rather than elegant; this piece, while being fairly complex in its making, has a seamless grace that makes it as much a wearable masterpiece as a simple piece of jewelry.


It is a shame that the goldsmith is anonymous, as many current jewelry designers of great celebrity could take a lesson from this person.




David Charles Grainger

18K 4.35 CTW Diamond Graduated Drape Necklace

  • Materials: 18K Yellow Gold
    Necklace Length: 16.00"
    Necklace Closure Type: Box Tab Insert
    Total Weight: 80.80 grams

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