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18K 4.34 CTW 'Multi-layered' Diamond Ring


This ring has the distinction of having four different diamond cuts featured, all set in 18k gold.


The main pear-shaped jewel is of wonderful proportions, not too long and not too fat, conditions which may afflict other pear-shaped cuts.


The other cuts are brilliant rounds, marquise and baguettes. The joy of combining so many cuts is the refraction that results when light hits it. The ring sparkles from all angles and the colours that leap from it are actually very impressive.


I know I can be a bit fickle, but this week this ring is my absolute favourite. Masterful in its execution and sure to draw attention, it carries itself with far more elegance than many other multi-jewel rings.



David Charles Collections

18K 4.34 CTW Diamond Ring

SKU: 00123
  • Material: 18K Gold

    Ring Size: 6.50

    Hallmarks: K18 2.016 D2.33

    Total Weight: 9.90 grams

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