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1787 Coin Watch Fob ANTIQUE


Yes, I know.  Watch fobs are like typewriters, wagon wheels, and princess phones, an item without a modern use.  Buuuuut....


Sometimes we need to have things around us that may have no technical use but inspire in us a sense of wonder. Sure, watch fobs are no longer of use unless you are into steampunk, but that doesn’t mean they are not collectible.


This one certainly fits the bill. Unlike many others, it is not made from  precious metals or adorned with jewels. This was a functional fob no doubt used by someone on a daily basis.

So why is it special you might ask?


Here’s why: this fob harkens back to the original owner who used it to pull his watch from his waist coat pocket in the late 1700s. Hanging from its intricate chain work is a single medallion, a coin minted in 1787 with the profile of George the 3rd. 

Added to that is a small Maltese cross charm on the end of the fob which may have been used as a stamp to seal the wax on envelopes.


Buy it and then have the fun of finding a suitable period pocket watch to hang from it.  Now that sounds like fun.




David Charles Grainger

1787 Coin Watch Fob ANTIQUE

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